Dinner with a couple

Jul 02, 2019

That night, I was apprehensive despite all the time I’ve been in this fun and discreet line of work, because I’d never had the pleasure of being with a couple, a marriage in this particular instance.


They contacted me through my website, the invitation was lovely and very polite, so we finally agreed on a dinner at their place with some good wine. I’m just dying to tell you how good it was…


On the night of the date, I drove for almost an hour towards the city outskirts, filled with anticipation. I arrived to a gorgeous mansion in the middle of nowhere, with a beautiful lake and a stupendous view of the surrounding area.


I made my way to the lobby, which was a bit dusty because there was ongoing remodeling being done. My hands were shaking as I wondered if my smile could convey just how nervous I was, and then suddenly I felt a big pair of arms surrounding my waist on a firm embrace, and the smell of an exquisite male parfum. A coarse voice completed the welcome.


At that precise moment, a face carrying a couple of beautiful green eyes gave me a juicy kiss that made every hint of restfulness I might have had, while also making my whole body vibrate.


‘Nice to meet you’, he said. ‘I’m…’ We’ll call him Mr. M, since I like to keep each and every one of my encounters in anonymity, their names and appearance only kept in memory.


‘Nice to meet you too, I’m Charlize’, I replied. We immediately began to walk through the living room, going deeper into their home, admiring the exquisite decoration, when Mr. M interrupted me in order to meet his wife, Mrs. M. She stood on the 2nd floor balcony, so I lifted my gaze to appreciate in detail how divine her body was, a gorgeous blonde woman in her 40s, with curves in all the proper places, hair very well-tended and a perfect tan.


Slowly, she walked down the stairs to greet me, and I began to feel anxious again. With every step she took, my heart wanted to leap out of my chest. To my surprise Mrs. M had already noticed my uneasiness, perhaps my eyes could not hide it, or maybe it was my body language that gave me away. In any case, she approached me and with a sweet voice she said: ‘Don’t worry, Charlize. We’re used to share dinner and special moments with beautiful women such as yourself.’


We headed to the main room. Hours passed fast and without notice due to the wine, the chocolates and the excellent conversation we had. I checked the time with a quick wrist movement, and it was getting a bit late in the evening. Mrs. M also perceived this, which is why she came close to my ear and whispered sweetly if she could kiss me. My answer was kissing her instead, very delicately.


It began soft, shy, slow… But little by little, she also began craving to kiss me with more passion.


Her saliva was sweet, each movement of her tongue upon my lips made my nipples and loins scream silently for attention.


It had been definitely the most exciting kiss I’d ever received from a woman; my mind had lost itself on her beauty, and I began to lose control of my actions, which is why I wanted to impress her!


I approached her ear and asked her to excuse me for one moment, I had to go to the bathroom to change since I had a surprise in store for them. I had brought with me a red lingerie set, complete with red panties and discreetly sexy heels.


I went back to the room, decided to spend one of the best nights of my life. Both of them were waiting for me in bed, so I crawled back in; Mrs. M was impressed with my looks. She began kissing me again but this time more earnestly, with no limits nor taboos, washing us away with lust irradiating from our bodies.


‘You’re amazing’, she whispered in my ear while kissing me and sliding her hand between my thighs. At the same time, Mr. M decided to join us, kissing my back and caressing my legs. My mind was already consumed by pleasure, the fact that I was being devoured by both of them made my crotch shiver in ecstasy. Drips of excitement were running down my thighs, the passion we all felt was made reality…


She took my nipples between her lips, kissing them softly just as I like while Mr. M’s fingers were lost within me. I just couldn’t take it anymore, I wanted to cover all the edges of the woman next to me with my mouth; with a sudden movement and without thinking I positioned her to my liking and then I could taste her corners to my heart’s content. She was sweet, her moistness drove me crazy, her fresh and delicate scent hypnotized my senses. Little by little she began moaning and moving her hips like crazy, I knew then that she was enjoying my kisses, my caresses, I wanted to absorb every last drop of her pleasure. I could see her begging me not to stop, I also saw her getting carried away, allowing me to taste every single drop of her passion.


I got up and kissed her face, reminded her how beautiful she looked and asked for permission to kiss Mr. M. However, she responded with a better idea: Both of us went to kiss him, together. His lines blurred, alternately, between our mouths. He only could arch his back, smile, moan… All of that told us that he was having great pleasure. And it was not only him. The picture of me tasting him and also being able to kiss her at the same time is something that I will definitely treasure for when I’m alone.


We continued to kiss, to caress. Mr. M’s body was getting harder by the moment, I knew he was just reaching the peak; I dedicated my tongue to sucking and delighting myself with every last drop of his elixir.


I was incredibly excited, I needed to be ravaged by then, I wanted them both to kiss me, and so they complied, first on my neck, then on my chest and then they approached my insides, their tongues caressing my corners, their fingers getting lost within me. Lust overcame my body and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I carried myself away, soaking their sheets. We all then remained exhausted upon the bed.


What has just happened, I wondered. I couldn’t believe how delightful was the experience of sharing with a couple. Some 20 minutes went by before any of us could gather a bit of strength. I let them know that I had loved it, that it was a wonderful experience, as I got up the bed to go to the bathroom. I took a shower, changed clothes and got ready to leave, not without going back briefly to the room for a last kiss from both of them and with a last thanks from me, I left. They were also quite pleased, this was without doubt the best way to initiate myself on being with couples.


I drove away on my vehicle, and on all the way back I couldn’t stop thinking what a marvelous experience it had been.